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Softmedia Dubai Blu-ray and DVD authoring brings a new dimension to Blu-ray and DVD presentation material. Visual impact of multimedia transforms a static presentation into a vibrant, exciting Blu-ray/DVD media.

Blu-ray/DVD based multimedia gives business, sales or marketing presentations the impact that people have come to expect. Whether it is on one-to-one basis, small informal groups or conferences, interactive Blu-ray/DVD multimedia presentations inform and entertain in the most memorable way. Blu-ray/DVD multiple languages and subtitles, high quality digital video and images, and Dolby Surround® digital sound are just a few of the exciting features guaranteed to stimulate the audience.

Softmedia Dubai Blu-ray/DVD department is one of the leading Blu-ray/DVD design shops in Dubai and Middle East, with more than 12 years experience in the Gulf Region in Blu-ray/DVD authoring.

We take a Blu-ray/DVD project from initial design, to delivery of Blu-ray/DVDs in whatever quantity and packaging requested. The following are examples of the Blu-ray/DVD services offered:

  • Blu-ray/DVD Design
  • Graphical Artwork for Blu-ray/DVD
  • Blu-ray/DVD Menu Navigation
  • Blu-ray/DVD Encoding
  • Blu-ray/DVD Authoring
  • Blu-ray/DVD Replication

Softmedia Dubai commitment to clients is to make them comfortable with this evolving technology and provide the most cost effective, innovative Blu-ray/DVD solutions for their Blu-ray/DVD project.

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