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Multimedia allows the users to interface with all types of information in a stimulating way. This is definitely a plus over say, paper print or cable TV. In Softmedia, visual presentation is our business. Whether you are looking for a video footage or simple graphic presentation, let our multimedia specialists assist you in getting a better leverage over your competitors.

To further enhance the impact of office or business presentation, sound streams can be embedded to create a truly multimedia effect. Last but not least, high resolution images and computer animation can be created and stored as a powerful visual tool to enhance the multimedia presentation of information or to simulate a manufacturing process.

CD business cards are fast becoming a standard for the 21st century business needs. They are able to act as a powerful marketing and promotional tool for any organisation. Despite its small appearance the CD Business card has remarkable advantages over the traditional business card. Through the use of attractive multimedia content and form, key messages are distributed to target audiences in a very cost-effective way.

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