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CD ROM & DVD Replication Dubai

Softmedia Dubai replication service is to replicate professionally at manufacturing process, in the replication factory, CD or DVD master, print directly on the surface the graphical artwork with offset or silkcreen printing technology, pack the optical media into the appropriate packaging like jewell box, paper envelope or Amaray box and deliver it directly into the hands of the customer. The logistics hazzles, like administration, shipment and customs is Softmedia´s job.

Softmedia Dubai partners are using the most advanced equipment for the replication of CD ROM, mini CD ROM, CD Business Card, mini DVD, DVD5 or DVD9 for all your needs from the start to finish.

To read more about the difference between replication and duplication, visit following page.

Softmedia is supplying only replications and no duplications, minimum ordering quantity (MOQ) for replication is 1,000 units up to unlimited quantity.

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